3 Steps to your bespoke program

3 Steps to your bespoke program

At Homelistic, we understand exactly what our clients need simple procedures, detailed explanations and quick access to care services. Our staff works around the clock to respond to clients and family members and provide the services they need. The care process and fee structure are transparent and clear.


Simply click here to provide your contact details to request a callback, or dial 4625 5777 now. Experts will be in touch 24 hours a day to provide professional advice. The process is completely free of charge.

Bespoke Program

Upon receipt of client requests, Homelistic Case Manager will conduct a preliminary assessment for the client and create a series of customised care plans, such as fall prevention, pressure ulcer assessment, etc., Managers will then match your case with the most appropriate and experienced caregiver.
In the best interest of our clients, all of Homelistic case managers are clinical nurse specialists with over 10 years of experience. Managers are experienced in handling emergencies and also assist in obtaining medical equipment and nursing supplies. During the care service, all nursing and medical procedures are documented and can be viewed and accessed at any time via our app.

Standardised Care Measures and Long-term Aftercare

In order to ensure optimal, uniform and up-to-date working practices of the nursing staff, Homelistic have established standardised guidelines for various nursing measures and conduct regular on-the-job training.
Homelistic Case Manager will communicate with the client to develop and update the plan of care. During the process, we will also take the opportunity to teach the patient's family members basic nursing skills in the best interest of the client.

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