Wound and Stoma Care

Wound Care

Wound is common but it should be handled carefully to minimize personal discomfort and related complications, like wound infection. Our professional wound care aims to enhance patients' quality of life meanwhile minimize their discomfort and inconvenience. Our wound care includes comprehensive wound assessment, advanced wound management and wound care education.

Types of wounds which might need our service

We offer professional wound care with wide range of advanced dressing products. Besides, we are qualified to provide advanced wound management, including conservative sharp wound debridement, negative pressure wound therapy, compression therapy, oxygen therapy and other specific personalized wound care therapy. We, moreover, give advice and educate patient and their care givers about daily life modification and wound care at home for enhancing wound healing.

Stoma Care

Ostomies always feel upset and worried about their body change and daily life adaptation. Professional stoma care would not only provide basic stoma pouching care, but also tackle ostomy and their family's worries. Our professional stoma care is aim to help ostomies back to their normal lives in our society.

Our stoma care service covers patients with ileostomy, colostomy, urostomy and gastrostomy.

We offer comprehensive stoma care service, which includes:

We are experienced to provide comprehensive stoma care service together with well known international stoma product companies. Please contact us for more details.

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