End of Life At Home

Palliative care patients often prefer to receive medical care and to spend their last moments of life in the company of those they love. Compared to a regular hospital ward, where patients and their families could have a rather tough time accepting the looming reality of their loved one's death. End of Life At Home enhances the quality of life and comfort of patients and their families before death by addressing their physical, emotional and informational needs. We believe that people who are at the final stage of their lives deserve dignity and respect and the opportunity to say goodbye to friends and family in familiar surroundings.

While End of Life At Home has been on the rise in the West, patients in Hong Kong have the option of applying the same arrangement without any legal responsibilities. Homelistic homecare service enables End of Life At Home to be conducted smoothly, saving family members from needing to visit hospitals and other institutions frequently.

The whole process will be handled by a case manager, who will be in charge of complying with the medical, legislative, and regulatory requirements following the death of the patient. In addition to providing comprehensive nursing care 24 hours before the patient's death, the case manager will arrange for a doctor to diagnose the terminal illness within 14 days of the patient's death, and will provide a medical certificate of the cause of death. Besides assistance with the application of the Certificates of Cause of Death, we can also assist with receiving the death certificate and other required documents, as well as handling transportation arrangements from the patient's home to the funeral home. Our support enabled patients and their families to spend their last precious moments together without fear of harm.

The benefits of End of Life At Home?

  • Allow the patient to remain at home, surrounded by friends, family, and happy memories, through every stage of the end of life process.
  • Provide patients with better quality of life, reduce pain, and minimise inconvenience from frequent hospital visits.
  • It is often easier on family members psychologically to cope with the death of a patient at home than at the hospital.

Does End of Life At Home work for all patients?

While more and more patients are expressing their desire to pass away at home in recent years, not all patients can accommodate such arrangements. The following three types of patients are most suitable for this option:

Patients with terminal cancer who choose not to receive further treatment

Patients with organ failure such as heart failure, respiratory failure and kidney failure

Patients in the persistent vegetative state (PVS) or with end-stage dementia who are unable to eat

End of Life At Home Service Program

1. On-site Assessment and Plan Development

Homelistic Case managers will evaluate the situations of patients who may need End of Life At Home and formulate an appropriate plan based on the evaluation. The manager will then notify the family about the procedure and preparation that needed to be done. Depending on the patient's and family's needs, our home care services range anywhere from daily to 24-hour care.

2. Diagnosed with terminal illness by a registered doctor within 14 days before death

Within 14 days of the patient's death, either the patient's exclusive doctor or a registered doctor arranged by Homelistic will evaluate the patient's condition, review the patient's medical record, understand the patient's wishes to live at home, and diagnose the patient with terminal illness.

3. The cause of death certificate must be signed by a doctor within 24 hours of death

The patient's family should inform Homelistic that the patient is imminently or already deceased and a doctor should be present to sign the Medical Certificate of Death (Form 18) and Medical Certificate (Cremation) (Form 2) (if applicable).

4. Assist in obtaining the death certificate and Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death

Upon signing of Forms 18 and 2, Homelistic will assist the family members in obtaining a Death Certificate (Death Registration Allowance) and a Death Registration Certificate (Death Registration Certificate) (Form 12) from the nearest Birth and Death Registration Office.

5. Taking care of the remains and to arrange transportation to the funeral parlour.

Our team will care for the patient's remains and arrange for a funeral company to transport the body to the funeral parlour within 48 hours.


Fees vary from case to case. Please contact our Case Manager for more information.

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