1) What are the differences between you and other service providers?

Unlike most of the other agencies, we are more than an agency. We have your well-being at heart. At Homelistic, the journey of holistic care begins in the heart of your home. Not only do we provide professional home care services, but we also offer comprehensive long-term solutions for our clients. We will also provide basic healthcare knowledge to family caregivers to ensure our clients receive the best treatment.

2) How do you charge? Is it required to sign up for a long term package?

We charge our clients monthly by cheque deposit or bank transfer. To provide flexibility to our clients, it is not required to sign up for a long term package but need to agree to our terms and conditions.

3) How do you work with the caregivers? Will I have a consistent caregiver to provide the service?

As well as on-the-job training, we carry out regular appraisals to ensure that the care team is performing to a high standard at all times. We also provide Professional Liability Insurance to our caregivers.

Yes. We will ensure our clients are assigned a case manager consistently to take care of the client to ensure stable and high quality of care.

4) If there is any emergency, am I able to access my caregiver?

For any emergency, please dial 999 immediately. Homelistic provides 24/7 emergency care. You may contact us via dialing 4625 5777 for assistance.

5) Apart from home care service, what other services do you provide?

We are experts in providing Home Parental Nutrition. We also provide chemotherapy at home, medical escort services, medical staffing solutions and allied health services.

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