About Us

Homelistic Health Care
Your Home Care Expert

Ever imagined the possibility of you or your loved one receiving hospital-level professional care in the comfort of your own home?

Homelistic is a group of professional nurses committed to providing discreet services to our clients. We work hard to pay attention to every detail, keeping our clients' needs and wishes at the forefront of our minds.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic COVID -19, many of our clients have avoided going to the hospital or other health care facilities. Home care has become an important alternative to inpatient care, and we recognize the tremendous need for this service in our community. Yet, the quality of services varied widely among providers and often exposed patients to a variety of potentially serious or even life-threatening hazards.

Homelistic is here to bridge that gap.

Our team is dedicated to providing services that are both personal, discreet, and professional. We communicate closely with our clients, focusing on each individual's needs and creating customized care programs. Each of our clients is assigned a Case Manager to ensure a high quality of care.

Our vision, mission and core beliefs

We have your well-being at heart.

At Homelistic, the journey of holistic care begins in the heart of your home.

Our registered nurse team excels at providing basic healthcare knowledge to family caregivers and transforming the home environment to provide the best possible care for our clients.

We are more than an agency

Homelistic is a team of Clinical Nurse Specialists with many years of nursing experience, while our Case Managers have many years of experience with extensive knowledge in all areas of nursing work. Our managers have a Master's degree in Medical Services Management, to ensure that our staff and procedures are consistent and standardised.

We deploy our members of staff according to their specific skills and qualifications. Each member of the team strives to use their experience and skills to provide the best care to our clients. As well as on-the-job training, we carry out regular appraisals to ensure that the care team is performing to a high standard at all times.

To protect the rights and interests of our clients, Homelistic welcomes you to inquire about the qualifications of our caregivers.

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