Our Uniqueness

Manager Consultation

Homelistic case manager will make an initial home visit to advise an appropriate home nursing care environment.​

Other Companies

They will not engage in setting up home nursing care environment.

Standardize Nursing Procedures

Scheduled home visits and standardized nursing procedures to ensure safety and integrity.​

Other Companies

No standardization in nursing procedures.

Home Therapy​

Homelistic helps purchase and deliver suitable equipment and consumables.

Other Companies

Family members have to purchase equipment and consumables on their own.


Homelistic provides professional liability insurance for our carers.

Other Companies

Most intermediary companies will not provide any insurance for medical staff.

Different Caring Plans

Homelistic develops nursing care plans such as fall prevention, pressure sore and wound assessments. We also have guidelines for emergency situations.

Other Companies

Offer carers with basic qualifications who lack home care experience. They may not be able to deal with emergency situations at home settings.

Long-Term Care

Homelistic provides long term carers that mutual bonds, trust and affiliation can be established through prolonged interaction and understanding.

Other Companies

Provide short term or one-time carers. Frequent change of manpower may cause invasion of privacy and affect nursing outcomes.

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